Pros & Cons of Bamboo Flooring


Posted on 29th July, by STS Flooring.


Bamboo flooring has become more popular over the past few years, possibly due to its similarities to hardwood flooring. Bamboo is quite complicated for a natural flooring material as it has a few unique qualities, due to the biology of the material. It is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of using bamboo before you buy!


Good quality bamboo flooring is very durable and can last as long as hardwood, some bamboo is actually harder than oak and ash. Bamboo also acts a lot like hardwood as it can brush off a lot of surface impacts. As bamboo is so hard you can rely on it not to gouge like softer woods and vinyl.

Due to the nature of the bamboo plant, it is very renewable as they reach maturity and grow much faster than normal trees. Bamboo can grow 3-5ft annually and older plants can grow even quicker! This ability makes bamboo a more sustainable option than cutting down trees.

Bamboo flooring can come in a large variety of stylish designs and fits well with a simple modern aesthetic, perfect for stylish offices and creative workspaces.

Bamboo is great for large spaces as it requires little maintenance. To clean bamboo you usually just need a mop and some mild soap. Like wood floors, bamboo is able to be refinished and if needed sanded down as well.


Bamboo flooring has the potential to run into quite a few damage problems. One of these being scratches which can be caused by anything from pets to high heels! So if you have these don’t let them on your brand new bamboo floor!

Although bamboo is more water resistant than wood, it is still prone to water damage if water is left on the surface for too long, That’s why it is important to keep water and liquid spills off of the flooring.

One of the worst bamboo flooring drawbacks is that if the bamboo hasn’t been left to mature, it will still look great but it will be far softer than if it were allowed to mature and harden. It’s hard to tell if your flooring is premature so you could be better off just sticking away from it.

Bamboo looks great! Now that’s not a drawback but bamboo, like wood floors, only has a certain amount of looks and they all look like wood. So if you’re looking for a really creative or flamboyant design then you’re better off going with vinyl flooring or carpet.

Although bamboo flooring is ‘more sustainable’ than wood, most bamboo comes from Asian countries like China where the environmental laws aren’t as strict and the shipping from China to the UK definitely isn’t eco-friendly.




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