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Things to Consider When Replacing Your Office Flooring


Posted on 11th August, by STS Flooring.


After a few years your office flooring might start to degrade. This can be for a good number of reasons, but I won’t get into that now, if your flooring degrades too much you’ll have to consider replacing it. Choosing which floor is best for you is no easy task in itself; luckily we’ve covered this before. The thing to remember about offices is that a lot of people have to rely on them to be able to do their job, which is what makes it so important to evaluate and plan your office flooring installation to prevent disrupting that.

Office equipment and furniture
One of the main problems about office flooring installation is that it requires the room’s floor to have been completely cleared. This presents the first task of clearing everything out of the way; obviously it isn’t ideal to have an entire room non-functional which is why you should try and make this process of clearing everything away as quickly as possible.

Support rooms
You must put extra thought into how you’ll deal with re-flooring your toilets, kitchens and any other non-workspace area as a lot of these areas are needed for a good work environment. You should plan the installation well, for example if you have a bunch of filing it is important to be able to rearrange them back to what they were like before otherwise people could lose information and work.

IT hardware
Computers may at first seem like an easy thing to move. The real problem comes with large computer networks which can be a real operational l thorn in your side when you turn them back on and none of them want to work… If you want to try and avoid this you should get your IT team to help out.

Be Prepared
No matter how you handle it, your office flooring installation will be disruptive to a degree. If you fail to plan ahead you may find the office being out of action and you could lose work and break the IT network. Something else to remember when installing some types of flooring is that a lot of hard floors.


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