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How to Prevent Commercial Flooring Damage


Posted on 5th August, by STS Flooring.


No flooring will last forever. It’s always annoying when the vinyl cracks begin to show, or when your laminate flooring swells up with water damage. Sometimes it can feel like flooring damage like this is inevitable over time but it’s not. consistent maintenance and care will always helpful, but there are a number of preventative methods that can nip the damage in the bud. Preventative methods can help you in a number of different ways from having to put less time into maintenance to saving money of replacement and repair costs, this is especially important for commercial flooring as it can cover a large amount of space.

Walk-off mats
Utilising walk-off mats at the entrances to the building is universally good for any flooring as people can bring in a lot of dirt and muck from outside. For many types of commercial flooring, dirt over time can become more and more engrained into the surface, carpet, vinyl and other softer flooring materials are particularly susceptible to this. Walk-off mats help as they will endure and absorb a lot of dirt in high traffic areas, leaving your flooring unscathed. One thing to remember is that the mats will still need to be cleaned to keep working effectively. Vinyl flooring can also be affected by mats with a rubber underlay which can cause staining and damage, instead make sure the mats are permeable.

Use the right cleaning products for your commercial flooring type.
As there are so many different types of floors with different finishes and sealants etc… you must be extra careful when applying them. Applying the wrong product to a floor can really damage the finish and can bleach the surface of the commercial flooring depending on what you use. You should also be extra careful when cleaning vinyl flooring as any mildly abrasive tool will scratch the surface bad.

Plan where to apply different commercial flooring types.
A lot of people overlook how different commercial flooring performs differently in different areas; For example putting a carpet in a high foot-traffic area will likely result in the carpet being worn out and scuffed at an accelerated rate. A better option for high traffic area would be something like hardwood flooring or laminate as they deal with impact and scrapes better, hardwood can also be sanded down to improve the appearance if it does get damaged. Wooden floors should never really be used in a toilet or a kitchen as they deal with moisture poorly and will swell and warp; a better option for moist areas would be vinyl or ceramic tiles.


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